Silt Fence Accessories & Devices Help Work Efficiently

Silt fence accessories and devices can help silt fence work more efficiently, mainly consisting of hog rings, fencing pliers, zip ties, safety caps (for posts), sod staples and so forth.

Hog rings

Hog rings are U-shaped metal rings that are bent into a circular formation in order to fasten silt fence and posts together. Hog rings can be an easy and convenient method for fastening, especially when working with woven or non-woven fabrics.

There are many hog rings placed together.
SFAD-01: Hog rings are an easy and convenient way to fasten silt fence.
There are some 14 gauge stainless steel hog rings and a open measuring tape.
SFAD-02: Hog rings in different sizes can meet different needs.
Fencing Pliers & hog ring pliers

Fencing Pliers & hog ring pliers provide a fast way to can fasten wire mesh to the silt fence. Hog ring pliers feature a tong in the center which holds the hog ring in place, allowing for easy installation. Fencing pliers can squeezed together, which bends and secures the wire mesh in place.

This is a pair of hog ring pliers with red handles.
SFAD-03: Hog ring pliers can greatly help the use of hog rings.
A worker is bending the silt fence wire mesh with a pair of fencing pliers.
SFAD-04: Fencing pliers can bend silt fence wire mesh easily.
Zip ties

Zip ties (cable ties), normally made of nylon, is a type of fastener for holding items together, primarily wire meshes and fabrics. Because of their low cost and ease of use, cable ties are finding use in a wide range of other applications.

This is a black zip tie.
SFAD-05: Zip tie is normally made of nylon.
There are zip ties in different colors.
SFAD-06: Zip tie can hold items of silt fence together.
Safety caps (for posts)

Safety post caps are designed to cover the sharp top edge of metal posts for silt fences, both protecting the security of workers and reducing the abrasion of posts.

There are six black safety post caps placed on the table.
SFAD-07: Safety post caps can reducing the abrasion of metal posts.
A yellow safety cap is installed on the metal post.
SFAD-08: Safety cap can protect workers and pedestrians from scratching.
Sod staples

Sod staples (fence staples or landscape staples) which are rust-resistant, can pin fabric to soil and keep it in place. There are basically two kinds of landscape staples: square top (U shaped) landscape staples and round top landscape staples.

There are six black safety post caps placed on the table.
SFAD-09: Sod staples made of high-quality metal are rust-resistant.
There are two round top landscape staples.
SFAD-10: Both square and round top sod staples can pin fabric tightly.

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